Hyungtae Kim*

Hyungtae Kim graduated from the University of Pennsylvania after studying History as well as a submatriculated master’s degree candidate at Penn Law. On campus, Hyungtae pursues a variety of interests ranging from singing with the Penn Glee Club to facilitating discourse with Sangam, an API-centric sociopolitical discussion group. Research remains a pillar of his academic experience as well; he is passionate about creating both political and historical knowledge in his capacity as a research assistant at the Wharton Public Policy Initiative and the Penn & Slavery Project. As a lover of ideas and learning, Hyungtae hopes to use these experiences to pursue a JD-PhD in History and contribute to a rich tradition of race scholarship at the intersection of constitutional, immigration, and labor law narratives. 

In his downtime, Hyungtae is a long distance runner, a regular practitioner of meditation, and an avid listener of comedy podcasts about food. You would be hard pressed to have a conversation with him that somehow evades a tangent about his ideas of the next best "eat."