Quadrangle Dormitories

The Quadrangle Dormitories, built in two parts 1894–1930 & 1953–59, consists of 3 College Houses which are broken into smaller Residential Houses. Of the 39 Residential Houses, 10 are named after slave owners who helped the university in its early years. 

Quad Dorm Map

Quadrangle Dormitory Map

Highlighted Residential Houses are named after slave holders

Riepe College House
  • Provosts Tower: Named for Provost William Smith
  • Thomas Penn: Named for Thomas Penn who owned an enslaved man named Virgil
Ware College House
  • Coxe: Named for the Coxe family & Eckley Brinton Coxe.
  • Morgan: Named for Dr. John Morgan
  • Morris: Named for Robert Morris
  • Rodney: Named after Caesar Augustus Rodney 
  • Wilson: Named after James Wilson who owned an enslaved man named Thomas Purcell
Fisher Hassenfeld College House

~ VanJessica Gladney