Edward Tilghman Jr

Edward Tilghman Trustee

Edward Tilghman Jr. was born on the eastern shore of Maryland in Wye. His side of the family had extensive land holdings in Delaware since Edward Tilghman Sr. had married Benjamin Chew’s niece. Included in the family landholdings was the Whitehall Plantation. In 1748, Whitehall Plantation was passed down to his daughter, Elizabeth, and her husband, Edward Tilghman Sr. Edward Tilghman Sr. held the property until he bequeathed the property to Edward Tilghman Jr. in 1772. However, part or all of the land that was passed down to Edward Tilghman Jr. was sold to Benjamin Chew in 1772. The document is difficult to read, but it appears that the number of acres assigned to Edward Tilghman and his heirs roughly correspond to the number of acres Benjamin Chew purchased from Edward Tilghman.

Whitehall kept detailed records of their slaveholding. Among the records kept include name, age, birth-year, status (died, sold, working somewhere else, working at Whitehall, etc.), the cost of their clothing and shoe size, and keeping track of the slave's parents and children on the plantation for the end of the 18thcentury. However, it is interesting to note that while it is likely Edward Tilghman Jr.owned slaves, he is only confirmed as owning slaves for the 4 months between being bequeathed Whitehall and selling the property to Benjamin Chew.

He was never listed as having owned slaves in itemized tax records, thus further research is required to figure out why a successful member of two prominent slave-holding families has no record of owning any slaves.

~Dillon Kersh