Fall 2018


In the third semester of the Penn & Slavery Project, the enrollment size of the independent study doubled in size, and research efforts doubled with it. Students collected additional information about slaveholding trustees and alumni, exploring the ways wealth acquired from ownership benefitted families for generations. Further research was conducted into trustees' failed attempt to raise funds which resulted in the fundraising trips. Several members expanded on the investigation into Penn's medical school. Students focused on specific doctors and their contributions to their fields of choice. These doctors' work relied on bodies of enslaved people and resulted in misinformation, which can still be found in modern medicine today. Read the student research reports from the Fall of 2018:

Carson Eckhard Student Report

Dillon Kersh Student Report

Brooke Krancer Student Report

Anna Lisa Lowenstein Student Report

Samuel Orloff Student Report

Archana Upadhyay Student Report

Ashley Waiters Student Report


With a semester of research complete, the undergraduate researchers presented their findings to the University History Department and a 'Pop-Up Presentation' at the Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books & Manuscripts in the Van Pelt Library.

Fall 2018 Presentation Slides

Fall 2018 Pop-Up Presentation